Large Plasma


In technical terms LED displays combine a number of light emitting diodes on a panel, that emit light when and electric current is passed through them.

In reality, an LED display is an impressive visual solution, with a flexible, versatile design, capable of streaming content in 8K UHD resolution that will engage your visitors, attract new customers and inform, entertain and inspire those you're looking to reach.


Samsung LED Signage

Combining best-in-class picture quality with a reliable design, Samsung LED signage empowers future-thinking businesses to reach the next level. LED displays align color calibration, video processing and content creation tools to produce more brilliant visual expression.

Samsung 'The Wall'

'The Wall' provides picture quality like no other. With an internal AI processor that deliveries incredible visuals up to 8K resolution, enhancing contrast and removing noise.

A completely flexible design, you can configure 'The Wall' however you like, unconstrained by size, shape or strucure.

The Wall.jpg

Bespoke LED

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