samsung led 2.jpg

The future of Display is LED. Here at Knowledge we believe that at this time, Samsung have the highest quality solution and this is why we choose to work with them.

LED displays are relatively new to the market, and there are many hundreds of LED manufacturers coming out of China. The vast array of options can be very confusing, and the incredible difference in price can be very difficult to comprehend.


At Knowledge, we have done significant research and through experience have decided that we will only offer our clients the best possible product, in order to ensure a satisfied customer on day 1, but also in year 5. Samsung's LED technology and associated software provides stand out performance, and when aligned with their Service and support teams, means that you can sleep well, knowing that you have made the right choice. 

Our team have extensive in-house LED expertise and we will not outsource installation to a third party.

We are most proud that Samsung UK chose the Knowledge team to install their own LED in their UK showroom.