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As well as providing you with the hardware, we can also offer a range of content solutions. With different options available; including system on chip (SOC), built in player and external media players, we can offer the right software solution - available on both opex and capex plans.



Evexi is a next generation digital signage platform which offers interactive content using the latest technologies. The platform is a powerful Software As A Service (SAAS) subscription, delivering a highly robust, scalable cloud native product for all our customers. Evexi offers a best in class signage solution for retail, restaurants, corporate communication, finance, advertising, automotive and so many more.

Magic Info

MagicINFO is a smart, intuitive content creation and management solution that is included with every Samsung Display Solutions product. MagicINFO provides end-users with a suite of creative tools built to facilitate content creation and display management. Users enjoy a range of opportunities, from creating eye-catching digital signage to designing and managing complex, interactive multimedia display systems.

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Clevertouch Live

Clevertouch design solution-based products that enable collaboration and remote meetings, allowing you to inform and instruct, and encourage team-work and idea-sharing. 

No matter what type of team you are a part of, they'll have a solution for you. From education to enterprise, and everything in between. 


Tripleplay has been selected by thousands of organizations around the world since its formation in 2001, establishing itself as a market leader in the development and delivery of business grade Enterprise Video, IPTV and Digital Signage.


Tripleplay is part of the Uniguest group alongside ONELAN, Touchtown and Uniguest.


Canvas Pro

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